Italian Gourmet Rocky Mountain Basket

Italian Gourmet Rocky Mountain Basket

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In this delectable gourmet food gift basket with an Italian theme you will find award winning dry cured salami, chocolate and more among a rich array of gourmet Italian food treats. We  especially love this basket because the vast majority of it is truly a homegrown affair.  Italy has had a profound influence on the foods eaten around the world, including the alpine reaches of our version of heaven, the Rocky Mountains. Discover mouth watering treats made in our region, many by transplanted Italians and some by others who have absorbed Italian food flavors into their genes. 


    Your gift will include a variety of items listed below,
depending on size of crate selected. 


Handcrafted Aspen Crate - We take the issue of sustainability seriously. Everywhere you look around Telluride and the region the eye settles on large stands of Aspen trees.  Some of the trees in our area are cut and then milled in nearby Mancos. The resulting boards are used by a farmer near Dolores to handcraft our crates; he does woodworking in the winter and farms in the summer. A truly local product, not a basket made in Asia.

Creminelli Salami  7 oz -  Cristiano was raised in Italy in a family of cured meat artisans which dates back to the 1600�s. Feeling restless he moved to the Rocky Mtns., and, lucky for us, has carried on the family tradition. His Salami has won multiple awards!  Made in Springville, Utah.

Pastamore Lemon Garlic Orzo   12 oz -  100% Durum Semolina Flour flavored with Lemon juice, Black Pepper, Garlic, Lemon Peel and a splash of Olive Oil.  A wonderful foundation pasta for many a delicious meal.  Made in Denver, Colorado.

Caley & Cobb Lemon Dill Asparagus Risotto  11 oz -   A rich combination of Dill, Lemon, and Asparagus enhance top quality Aborio Rice. Terrific meld of flavors, sure to win rave reviews. Made in Redlands, California.

Pastamore Italian Herb Penne  12 oz -  100% Durum Semolina Flour flavored with Basil, Oregano, Tarragon, Thyme, and a splash of Olive Oil. Killer flavor combination.  Pastamores commitment to quality is evident in every bite.  Made in Denver, Colorado   

Haystack Mountain Dairy Applewood Smoked Goat Cheese   4 oz -  A unique award winning Goats Milk Chevre that is cold � smoked with Applewood. Fabulous and smooth tasting.  Made in Boulder, Colorado.              

Nita Crisp Wheat & Sesame Cracker  5 oz - An artisan Flatbread Cracker hand made with finest quality ingredients.  Made in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Olomomo Nuts  4 oz  These addictive nuts will quickly become a go to snack food, roasted daily.  They are committed to developing healthy, fun nut products that infuse the exotic with the familiar and make your mouth water.  Made in Boulder, Colorado.

Roasted Polenta  10 oz -  Delicious and Cheesy, made with White Hominy rather than Yellow Corn Meal. A delicious compliment to meat dishes as well as a great addition to breakfast with Bacon and Eggs.   

Desert Gardens Tuscany Peasant Soup  6 oz - This hearty soup, brimming with Orzo Pasta, Onion, Celery and special Spices is simply delicious by itself or, take it to the next level by adding chopped Smoked Sausage, incomparably the best! Made in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Westwood Farms Meyer Lemon Olive Oil  8 oz - This light, heart healthy oil is made from 100% California Olives, cold pressed with Meyer Lemons, without flavoring or extracts.  A seriously delectable taste.  Made in Paonia, Colorado

Westwood Farms Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar  12 oz - Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, Italy it has a sweet yet subtle character which makes it the most famous vinegar in the culinary world.  Blended with sweet Marion Blackberries and Ginger, it is rich and versatile. Made in Paonia, Colorado

Steaming Bean Italian Roast or Sunrise Espresso Coffee  12 oz These Organic Coffees are approachable, consistent, with balanced flavors.  Fresh, familiar, and easy to drink.  While perfection is a moving target, the folks at Desert Sun always keep this goal in mind for their Coffee. Made in Telluride, Colorado

Mary's Biscotti  4 oz - An award winner! Anyone who tries them loves them! Chunks of Milk Chocolate and Toffee, Hazelnut Liqueur set off the decadent flavor of the Frangelico Chocolate Toffee Biscotti. Enjoy with coffee, wine or with a glass of cold milk or hot cocoa.  Made in Arvada, Colorado

Amano 70 % Madagascar Chocolate Bar  2 oz -  Amano won the Grand Award in 2010 as the Best Chocolatier and Confectioners in America. And this is simply the most recent among many national and international awards they have won. This bar has a mild and fruity flavor and is much beloved by many pastry chefs, not to mention the rest of the Chocolate loving world.  Made in Orem, Utah.       

Dutch Brothers Caramel Cookie Waffles  11 oz  - Traditional Dutch 'Stroopwafles" Cookies hand baked on flame fired irons with the finest ingredients by two brothers from the Netherlands who found their way to the Rocky Mtns.  The meld of flavors is to die for.  Made in Billings, Montana.