Gourmet Tea Basket

Gourmet Tea Basket

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Sipping a cup of premium tea has become a widely appreciated experience in recent years. Our exotic gourmet tea gift basket will suit any mood or occasion, from shared moments in a long conversation  with a friend, a quiet time over a good book, and simply as the morning spark to the day as it begins to unfold. Blue Willow teas offer a playground for the senses with their soothing aromas and complex layers of flavor. Along with a rotating selection of three teas from the list below, we offer the perfect complement of Biscotti, Almond Lace Cookies,and Caramel Waffle Cookies and, for those, who prefer it, some wildflower honey.


 Handcrafted Aspen Crate - We take the issue of sustainability seriously. Everywhere you look around Telluride and the region the eye settles on large stands of Aspen trees.  Some of the trees in our area are cut and then milled in nearby Mancos. The resulting boards are used by a farmer near Dolores to handcraft our crates; he does woodworking in the winter and farms in the summer. A truly local product, not a basket made in Asia.

 Steeping Leaf  - Pure Ceylon tea is blended with Madagasgar Vanilla beans to create this aromatic blend.  The sweet smell of vanilla beckons and the bold black leaves create an astrigency that is accented by the natural sugars.

 Steeping Leaf  - Sri Lankans, for over 150 years, have grown this first flush tea on the magical mystery hillsides of Dimbula province.  The long, dark, wiry leaves create a rich, fruity cup strong enough to take milk and also when steeped more briefly and sipped alone.  These leaves offer the best of Dimbula, carrying the fragrance of fog-shrouded mornings and warmth of sunny afternoons into your cup.

 Steeping Leaf  - This exquisite tea comes from a small, family run farm in China.  For generations has grown jasmine and green tea in order to produce Jasmine Pearls.  The result is a tea with a lush fragrance and silky mouth feel. 

 Mary's Enjoy Biscotti 4 oz - An award winner! Anyone who tries them loves them! Chunks of Milk Chocolate and Toffee, Hazelnut Liqueur set off the decadent flavor of the Frangelico Chocolate Toffee Biscotti. Enjoy with coffee, wine or with a glass of cold milk or hot cocoa.  Made in Arvada, Colorado.

 The Dutch Brothers Carmel Waffle Cookie  11 oz - Traditional Dutch Stroopwafles Cookies hand baked on flame fired irons with the finest ingredients by two brothers from the Netherlands.  The meld of flavors is to die for. Made in Billings, Montana.

Apis Gourmet Honey  8 oz -  All Apis honeys have a distinct terroir. Its the flavors of the Grand Valley that surrounds the Colorado River in a jar. This region is an amazing place to practice traditional migratory beekeeping to produce varietal honeys because they have access to vast fields of very distinct floral sources to place our hives around. Made in Grand Junction, Colorado.