Fruitolicious Basket

Fruitolicious Basket

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We pack this gourmet food gift basket with the yummiest of seasonal fruit offerings here in Telluride; Colorado Peaches and Cherries in the summertime, Grapes and Clementine's in the winter. To round it out, we also include a few healthy snacks to munch along with the fruit such as Balsamic Glazed Pecans, Apple Wood Smoked Goat Cheese and crackers. This basket is for those noble souls, you know the ones...those eating an orange while everyone else is diving for the potato chips! Our admiration runs deep for that level of commitment and so for them, we have created Fruitolicious.
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Handcrafted Aspen crate -

We take the issue of sustainability seriously. Everywhere you look around Telluride and the region the eye settles on large stands of Aspen trees.  Some of the trees in our area are cut and then milled in nearby Mancos. The resulting boards are used by a farmer near Dolores to handcraft our crates; he does woodworking in the winter and farms in the summer. A truly local product, not a basket made in Asia.


A selection of fresh fruits in season:

Winter- Clementines, Apples, Pears, and Grapes.

Summer - Strawberries, Peaches, Plums, Grapes, Cherries, and Apricots.


Colorado Mtn. Munchie Mix  8 oz - These addictive nut snack mix will quickly become a go to snack food, roasted daily. Made in Denver, Colorado.

Beehive Cheese Co. � Coffee & Lavender Rubbed Cheddar  6 oz - When you take a bite of Beehive Cheese, it melts like butter in your mouth � lovingly crafted by a family who shares a passion for the artisan way of life. This is a full bodied cheese with a nutty flavor and smooth texture; the rub imparts notes of butterscotch and caramel which are prevalent near the rind, but find their way to the center of the cheese. An award winning cheese three years in a row, made in Uintah, Utah.

Haystack Mtn. Goat Dairy Apple Wood Smoked Chevre  4 oz - A unique award winning Goat's Milk Chevre that is cold � smoked with Applewood. Fabulous and smooth tasting.  Made in Boulder, Colorado.

Mouco Camembert 5 oz- This artisanal hand-crafted camembert starts with soft and creamy texture that will entice you, as it ages it develops creamy undertones and buttery characteristics topped off with a nutty mouth feel. It is a beauty to behold and a scrumptious treat for your palate. Made in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Urban Oven 3 Seed Crackers  4.5 oz - A rich and nutty blend of Black and White Sesame, and Golden Flax Seeds with a sprinkling of Salt on top makes these all a Natural Crackers distinctive. Hand made in small batches in Chandler, Arizona.


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