Colorado Gourmet Basket

Colorado Gourmet Basket

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Some incredible gourmet food is being created in Colorado, perfect for a special holiday gift basket or as a unique gourmet gift basket to give year round. These are epicurean specialty foods with a Western touch; award winning organic preserves from the Western Slope, Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar from Paonia and handmade pasta from the Denver area and much more.Colorado cuisine doesn't mean granola in the back of a Volkswagen van anymore!  We have tasted, traveled, laughed and cried to put together some of the finest products our region, or for that matter, any region has to offer.

Handcrafted  Aspen Crate -  We take the issue of sustainability seriously. Everywhere you look around Telluride and the region the eye settles on large stands of Aspen trees.  Some of the trees in our area are cut and then milled in nearby Mancos. The resulting boards are used by a farmer near Dolores to handcraft our crates; he does woodworking in the winter and farms in the summer. A truly local product, not a basket made in Asia.

Telluride Truffles  3 oz - Handmade with Belgian chocolate and liquors, without preservatives or waxes. They are so good they stop thought. You pop one in your mouth and you just can't think - they take total concentration.  Not surprisingly, they have been featured on the Food Network channel. Made in Telluride, Colorado.

Honest Jackson's Potato Chips  5 oz - Sea Salt & Vinegar  - The apple cider vinegar they use combines its sweet apple with the umami of coconut oil and the savory Non GMO potato to produce a subtle, lasting flavor made possible by the low and slow cooking method they invented to produce coconut oil chips.  Never harsh and acidic; these Salt & Vinegar chips are unlike any you've ever tried.  Made in Boulder, Colorado

34 degrees Rosemary Parmesan Crispbread  4.5 oz - What a great little Cracker! It is sturdy, snappy and ever so delish. Perfectly elegant to pair with a great cheese.  Made in Denver, Colorado.

Elk Summer Sausage 12 oz - From Elk raised on 2,700 acres of pristine mountain pastures in Southwest Colorado. Elk is a low fat meat that makes a delicious Summer Sausage.  Their ranch is near Montrose, Colorado.

Westwood Farms Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar  12 oz -  Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, Italy has a sweet yet subtle character which makes it the most famous vinegar in the culinary world.  Blended with sweet Marion Blackberries and Ginger, it is rich and versatile. Made in Paonia, Colorado.

Westwood Farms Chipotle mustard  6 oz -  Enjoy the smoky and spicy taste of this unique Whole Grain Mustard. A wonderful flavor combination.  Made in Paonia, Colorado.

Blue Horizon's Farm Pancake mix 25 oz - A third generation 120 acre family farm in Southwest Colorado raises it own Wheat and mills it too.  They believe in giving "home town" personal attention and care to their products and customers. This is a wicked good whole grain pancake mix. Made in Hesperus, Colorado.

Apple Canyon Chipotle Hot Sauce 16 oz - A rich blend of smoky Chipotle chilies, Tomatoes, Onions, and Spices make a sauce that brightens and enriches grilled foods. Try it on your next sandwich for a flavor explosion.  Made in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Colorado Mountain Organic Jam - various flavors  8 oz - Hand crafted in small batches these Organic Jams capture the rich flavor of fruit at the peak of harvest.  Made in  Palisade, Colorado.

Candelaria's Green Chili mix  3 oz - They have taken this family tradition and through trial and error, along with practice and patience, have created a traditional Southwest Flavor with a flair that fits today's fast-paced taste.  Made in Durango, Colorado.

Spice Trader Persian Rose Chocolate Tiles  5 oz - Inspired by the chocolate makers of antiquity this special chocolate is a delicate blend of Rose Petals and Sweet Chocolate. Quetzlcoatl smiles upon this chocolate.  Made in Georgetown, Colorado.

Mary's Enjoy Biscotti  3 oz - An award winner! Anyone who tries them loves them! Chunks of Milk Chocolate and Toffee, Hazelnut Liqueur set off the decadent flavor of the Frangelico Chocolate Toffee Biscotti. Enjoy with coffee, wine or with a glass of cold milk or hot cocoa.  Made in Arvada, Colorado.

Nude Food Bar  2.5 oz - This gluten free protein bar is made with all natural ingredients and is a perfect snack for getting you that last mile; climbing that peak; making it through a busy morning without breakfast (though not recommended). It packs a punch that stays with you between meals. Made in Denver, Colorado.

Adobe Milling Anasazi Beans 16 oz - The taste of the Great Southwest with the finest gourmet beans.  Anasazi Beans are sweeter than a Pinto Bean, cook faster & whats great about them is you don't have to soak them. Made in Dove Creek, Colorado.

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