Best Of The Southwest Gourmet Basket

Best Of The Southwest Gourmet Basket

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Classic gourmet gift basket featuring foods of the Southwest - Lime and Salt Tortilla Chips, Fire Roasted Chile Salsa, Green Chile Stew, Chipotle Grill Sauce, traditional Native American Parched Corn Snack, Southwest Chevre Torta, Buffalo Sausage, and so much more.  Whether it is Native American, Hispanic, or Anglo cultural heritage, each contributes unique specialty foods to the table. And this is your chance to sample some of those very special treats! The rich treasures of the Southwest go well beyond the feverish quest for gold and silver endlessly conjured up in films like Treasures of the Sierra Madre. Today there is a much broader appreciation of the Southwest and it includes the fabulous culinary mingling of a wide array of treasured foods.   

Your gift will include a variety of items listed below,
depending on the size of the crate selected. 


Handcrafted Aspen Crate - We take the issue of sustainability seriously. Everywhere you look around Telluride and the region the eye settles on large stands of Aspen trees.  Some of the trees in our area are cut and then milled in nearby Mancos. The resulting boards are used by a farmer near Dolores to handcraft our crates; he does woodworking in the winter and farms in the summer. A truly local product, not a basket made in Asia

Santa Fe Seasons Fire Roasted Salsa   16 oz - Take fresh Roma tomatoes, roast over an open flame with Chipotle Peppers, add a few spices and you have a fantastic flavor combination.  Made in Albuquerque, New Mexico.    

Colorado Campfire Chicken Stew  7 oz - A signature dish of the Southwest! Add Chicken to this blend of peas, carrots, potatoes, and white beans with just the right seasoning for a rich and hearty stew as thick as the inside of a chicken pot pie.  Made in Illinois.

Chip Peddler Lime & Salt Tortilla Chips   5 oz - Made in small batches, these Chips are the perfect compliment to a fine salsa.  Well, truth be told, they are also a great match for a smooth micro brew too.  Made in Durango, Colorado.

Santa Ana Pueblo Parched Corn Snack  8 oz - This roasted, lightly salted, Whole Kernel Corn product is a traditional Native American snack. Originally it was roasted in clay pots over open fireplaces.  Delicious and healthy. Made at Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico.

Candelarias Southwest Spice Blend 3 oz - What makes this blend different? It's an utterly fantastic select blend of spices, onions, sea salt and chiles for a unique flavor. Make up a killer batch of salsa or add to other recipes as a flavor enhancement. The recipe is on the pack. This is an old family recipe that has been a real crowd pleaser for years! Absolutely out of this world!  Made in Durango, Colorado.

Santa Fe Seasons Chipotle Chile Hot Sauce  5 oz - Experience the harvest when you taste this wonderful sauce made with New Mexico's locally grown Chipotle Chiles.  Made in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Urbanoven 3 Seed Crackers  8 oz - A rich and nutty blend of Black and White Sesame, and Golden Flax Seeds with a sprinkling of Salt on top makes these all a Natural Crackers distinctive. Hand made in small batches in Chandler, Arizona.

Colorado Elk & Game Buffalo Summer Sausage  10 oz - Buffalo is a richly flavored, low fat meat which makes a tasty Summer Sausage.  Colorado Elk & Game Meats has 2,700 acres of pristine mountain pastures in Southwest Colorado.  Their ranch is near Montrose, Colorado.

Westwood Farms Chipotle Mustard  10 oz - Enjoy the smoky and spicy taste of this unique Whole Grain Mustard. A wonderful flavor combination.  Made in Paonia, Colorado.

Justins Peanut Butter  16 oz - Incredibly delicious, all natural using a secret nut grinding technique. Simply scrumptious. Made in Denver, Colorado

Santa Ana Pueblo Fry Bread Mix  8 oz - A traditional food created by Navajos can be produced in your own kitchen with little effort. Much beloved throughout the Southwest.  Made at the Santa Ana Pueblo in New Mexico.

Adobe Milling Anasazi Beans  16 oz - The taste of the Great Southwest with the finest gourmet beans.  Anasazi Beans are sweeter than a Pinto Bean, cook faster & whats great about them is you don't have to soak them. Made in Dove Creek, Colorado   

Blue Horizon Pancake Mix  25 oz - A third generation 120 acre family farm in Southwest Colorado raises it own Wheat and mills it too.  They believe in giving home town personal attention and care to their products and customers. This is a wicked good whole grain pancake mix. Made in Hesperus, Colorado.

Legacy Coffee Company Morning Moonshine 12 oz - A Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate made from roasted Guatemalan Organic and Fair Trade Coffee.  Cold brew coffee is brewed without heat over a long period of time.  They craft their well loved version by steeping freshly roasted coffee in room temperature water over 12 hours; and then use a double filtration system process to procure the end result: a complex, smooth and sweet, full bodied brew with a bright juiciness, low acidity, and a long chocolate finish.  Made in Grand Junction, Colorado

Telluride Truffle Hot Chocolate  8 oz - Discover for yourself what many locals have long ago learned, this simply the best hot chocolate around.  Made in Telluride, Colorado.

Colorado Mountain Organic Jam  8 oz - Hand crafted in small batches these low sugar Organic Jams capture the rich flavor of Southwestern fruit at the peak of harvest.  Made in Palisade, Colorado.

ChocolateSmith Lemon Lavender Bark  4 oz - This much loved chocolatier has found the perfect blend of Lemon, Lavender and Chocolate.  Made in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Amour Dark Chile Chocolate Bar  2 oz - Amour - which also makes the Chocolatesmith line of Chocolates � in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has been featured on the Food Network channel.   Chile and Chocolate is an enduring marriage of flavors, well known and loved by many.

Froodles Organic Fruit Snacks  3 oz -  Fresh Colorado fruit picked at the peak of flavor, then carefully blended together using an old family recipe, then dried. Not sticky, very tasty and much loved by sports enthusiasts, kids, and everyone else.  Made in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Olomomo Nuts 4 oz - This selection of nuts mixes will quickly become a go to snack food. Utterly addictive.  Made in Boulder, Colorado.

Rocky Mtn. Carmel Popcorn  4.5 oz - Perfectly Popped Kernels smothered in buttery, Caramel goodness.  They don't make this like the other guys, their Caramel Popcorn starts out as Brown Sugar in a kettle, just like your grandmother would make it. Addictive!  Made in Centennial, Colorado

Uncle Andy's Maple Bourbon Beef Jerky  2 oz - Glazed with sweet maple bourbon and smoked over Hickory and inspired by the craft brew industry, Uncle Andy's Jerky utilizes honest ingredients and offers unique & tasty beef jerky flavors.  Made in Fort Collins, Colorado.